E Challenge : Procedure for Contesting Answer Key

Click on the Link 'E-Challenge' menu in the left side

Login to the site with your Roll Number and Registration Number

You will receive an email containing the link to challenge the Answer in your registered Email Address

While challenging the answer keys, the candidates should ensure that the question number is as per the PDF file of the question paper uploaded on the VSSC Recruitment website. Make sure that you select the right question number which you wish to contest. Please note that if the question number is not correctly identified, then the challenge will not be considered. If you are uploading any supporting document for the contest,mention question number in the document too. Only document in PDF format (max 500KB) can be uploaded as supporting document.

For all contests on answer keys, the decision of the VSSC Recruitment committee shall be final and binding. No correspondence or telephone calls on this matter will be entertained.

For any technical issues , send an email with screenshot to rmthelp@vssc.gov.in